Thriving On Doing Differently

Treili Oy is a Finnish social healthcare pioneer, providing services in mental health rehabilitation, dementia nursing and family issues. Since 1970 we have been an engaging enabler of change, known for finding new ways.

Annually we support and work with some 500 service users from all walks of life.

Treili organizes education for health care professionals, participates in national and international cooperation in the health care field, does research and releases publications. Our employees are true professionals driven to help and guide our customers towards improvement.

At Treili everybody’s doing well.

Why Treili?

High quality in all we do

Helping people to regain control of their life is an important task worth doing well.

Confronting needs in a human way

Everybody is important and valuable. Even the staff is dressed in their own clothes; our spaces are homes, not just home-like.

Respecting people as individuals

Instead of looking at weaknesses we find the strengths in every individual and build from that.

Desire to renew and change

We have the courage and will to accept and understand change. This is needed to build or rebuild a stable life for all.

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