Thriving on doing differently

Treili Oy is a Finnish social healthcare pioneer. We provide mental health rehabilitation services, services for the elderly with memory disorders and family services. We are a social enterprise owned by a foundation (Sopimusvuorisäätiö). Our operating profit is used for the well-being of our customers and staff and for the development of our services. Our roots go back to the 1970’s. Since when we have been known as an enabler of change and for finding new ways.

Leena Lehtonen Toimitusjohtaja

Professional help on the path of life

More than 300 people use our housing services and we support and work with about 500 service users annually – from all walks of life. Treili also organizes education for health care professionals, and our employees are true professionals driven to help and guide our customers towards improvement.

We are constantly developing new, more flexible services for different life situations. The human skill of encountering, valuing the individual and the high-quality of our work help our customers towards a smoother daily life.

Treili always has room for good experts

When you do something that you like, you get to shine. Whether you are interested in gig work or a permanent job, please contact us. Our units mainly employ nurses, practical nurses, and nursing assistants, who take care of housekeeping tasks and assist clients with, for example, dressing and eating.

Finnish language skills need to be good enough to be able to keep record and communicate with customers and staff in an understandable way. Let’s discuss together what your hopes are and what we can offer. Check out the vacancies and apply!

Responsibility at Treili

Treili was founded to solve societal challenges and act as a builder of sustainable well-being. For us, responsibility means, above all, the goal of our strategy – At Treili everybody’s doing well. Responsibility goes hand in hand with our values: the skill of human encounter, respecting people as individual, high quality and desire for renewal. For our part, we want to take care of the members of our society.

Why Treili?

  • High quality in all we do

    Our employees have solid professional skills and a burning desire to help people towards a smoother daily life.

  • Respecting people as individuals

    Everyone is allowed to live a unique life with their own strengths.

  • The skill of human encounter

    We encounter people as human beings, and we have the ability to listen and be present.

  • Desire for renewal

    We boldly develop new, more flexible services for different life situations.

Contact us

Would you like to know more about our services? Please leave your contact information if you want us to contact you. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you have any questions about Treili, you can also call 046 923 3827.

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